SaaS Deployment

Masthead Agent SaaS Installation details for Google Cloud + BigQuery
If you prefer full control of installation and are comfortable manually creating necessary resources to run Masthead in a SaaS mode, please see this page.
SaaS installation is taking about 10 mins and consists of several clicks.
A user running an installation should have Owner permissions for the Google Cloud Project.
Or if the user has an Editor role, the next additional permissions are required: Logging Admin, Project IAM Admin, Role Administrator.
  • Select checkbox to agree with Terms&Conditions and click button Sign-up with Google
  • Type your company's email and password
  • Select 5 checkboxes in addition to allowing creation of required resources during installation. Details of what is created can be found here.
  • Complete setting up your profile and click Next
  • Select Google Cloud Project, where your BigQuery datasets hosts and which you would like to be monitored by Masthead Solution. Press Connect button.
  • Masthead installation will create your workspace and open your dashboard once set-up is complete.