On-Prem Deployment

Masthead Agent On-Prem Installation details for BigQuery
To install Masthead Agent into the client's Google Cloud Platform, you need to execute agent.sh script provided by Masthead.
Installation script uses gcloud and google deployment manager to create required resources and deploy Masthead Agent.
Make sure that the user who performs installation has admin grants in the Google Cloud Platform, has glcoud installed on the computer.
Run this command to create resources. 1st argument - project id where BigQuery datasets are located. 2nd argument - token provided by Masthead.
Script will deploy Masthead Agent into Google Cloud Compute Engine and create:
  • Pub/Sub topic masthead-topic and subscription masthead-agent-subscription
  • Logs Router with included filter, which automatically publishes to Pub/Sub topic masthead-topic
  • To get metadata of BigQuery schema and its tables and views, the installation script creates masthead_bq_schema_reader role with next permissions:
  • Service Account with subscriber access to Pub/Sub subscription with next permissions:
Logging Admin
Monitoring Editor
Pub/Sub Subscriber