How Does It Work?

Masthead is a security-first architecture application that follows security standards. The platform consists of:
  • Masthead Agent. Metadata collector, which deploys into the client's environment. It monitors the health and detects data outages if any occur.
  • Notification service. In case of any data outage or data anomalies, it sends an alert to Slack, email, or PagerDuty.
  • Masthead UI. Provides an instant overview of health and data outages details on the dashboards of the website.
Masthead architecture overview
There are two types available for deploying Masthead Agent:
To run Masthead Data solution Masthead Agent requires to:
  • Collect metadata about the structure of the Data Warehouse, like datasets, tables, views, etc.
  • Consume specific cloud logs in real-time to monitor data health metrics like Freshness, Volume, Schema Changes, and Lineage.