Retrospective Events

Retrospective Log parser
If you would like to have data monitoring insights from day 1, you can enable Masthead to look up retrospective events.
To do so, please grant Service Account [email protected] a Private Logs Viewer role.
  • Navigate to IAM & Admin -> IAM
  • Click on "GRANT ACCESS" button on the top left of the screen
  • Specify [email protected] in the New principals field
  • Click on "Select a role" and type Private Logs Viewer. Select found Private Logs Viewer role.
This will enable Masthead Agent to look up only recently produced events in the Google Cloud that correspond to the filter below. The look-up period is 30 days.
OR ""
OR ""
OR ""
resource.type ="bigquery_table" OR resource.type ="bigquery_dataset" OR resource.type ="bigquery_project"
After Masthead Agent successfully collected and analyzed retrospective events, you can disable Service Account permission.
Last modified 2mo ago